How to take care of bridal jewellery

All that glitters should never lose out on its shine. The special ornaments that enhanced your wedding look deserve all the pampering even after the wedding functions are over. The reason can be the huge investment that you have made to buy them but also the emotional attachment that you will have them all your life.

Bollywood Brides who gave Jewellery Inspiration to all brides to be

As God Vishnu has given a green signal to all the weddings of the season, all the brides-to-be can be seen in the midst of frenzied preparation. From sending out invitations, finalizing the outfits and then matching them with jewellery pieces, they are deriving inspiration from either friends or Bollywood. Yes! We just said Bollywood.

Jewellery that Indian brides wear- Reasons decoded

Indians are very particular when it comes to their traditions and rituals. Their lifestyle, gestures, acts done during ceremonies and even what they wear has a reason behind it.

Your Diwali Look

With ever year, Diwali parties are getting more fancy and what you wear on the day is taking so much limelight. How you dress yourself and what jewelry you wear is now becoming the center of the attraction. This year jewelry trends reached a different dimension. So we thought why not list down the most loved looks of the season so that you can slay for the 2018 Diwali party.

Top 6 Tips for Diwali Purchase

Diwali, one of the biggest festivals in India brings with it a lot of shopping, celebrations and investment. The festival of lights is a time for family reverence to goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity. The core reason why everybody around you wants to buy jewellery to either treat them or to gift others, read auspicious days to buy jewellery here

Diwali trends of 2018

The much awaited time of the year is right here. Time to dress up, wear new attires and your current favourite new pieces of jewellery or may be old. It is extremely important to know the trends when you sit to buy or style yourself with jewels. They call for a lot of investment and you can’t risk it with lost trend. Since it is something we don’t buy frequently we felt important to share with you the Diwali Jewel trends for 2018.

The Jewel full Diwali

In India’s diverse array of festivals, Diwali is the most significant in terms of the amount of energy it brings with it. Be it lights, sweets, gifts or celebration, Diwali covers every emotion in a week. What is more exciting is the craze among people to wear new attires and so the intricate jewellery.

The First Piece of Jewellery!

What special memory do you have of your mother when you were a kid? The makeup she did or the perfume she sprayed? My fondest memory lies in her jewellery box that had those beautiful jewels kept with utmost care. The way she would put her earrings would excite me and at the same time

Gold Trends…

Since time immemorial, jewellery has not just been an accoutrement but an intrinsic part of every woman’s life journey. No wardrobe seems complete without a trinket box tucked carefully in a corner of a shelf, a few coveted pieces of jewellery ensconced within it.

Kundan…. The journey!

There have been endless debates over which amongst the different jewellery forms has been the oldest in our country. All patrons of arguments have placed the cases with adequate backing; however, from the various archives available to readers which contain information about jewellery making practices in India, Kundan jewellery is perhaps touted as one of

She loves her jewellery…. – Part II

The visit to the showroom was as usual, her plan. Though not an aficionado of jewels, she still possessed the knack of picking up some real masterpieces both in design and aesthetic value.

She loves her jewellery….

I watched her staring at her ring. Often, I had felt that the ring I had slipped around her finger was plain and simple. Maybe I could have waited for a while before the altar visit. But we were in a hurry and wanted to get it done before the eruptions from close volcanoes

Indian Government’s policies towards the Gem & Jewellery Sector and the way forward…

The Gem & Jewellery industry involves the following: High foreign exchange High value of transactions on gold & precious stones imports This gives possibilities of illegitimate transactions and illegal dealings and there is often the sword of money-laundering hovering over. It is therefore, very crucial for the government, alongwith with the country’s premier financial institution, […]